This is me, Pascal Baumann. Everyone just calls me Pi.
Exactly: 3,14159. I am a freelance art director and designer
working around the globe. I love it! I am quite easy, focussed,
visionary, well connected and only a bit peacocky...

Now, please, move your fingers!

Some brands I worked for
It’s boredom or glory.

It’s a choice: Routine or the real creative work. Lala-land or commitment.
And yes, although I freelance for Apple Inc. I will love your small business.
My fee comes second. It’s the project that counts. Let’s go for it then.


Pascal Baumann
Design & Art Direction

Köchlistrasse 2
8004 Zürich, Switzerland

CH +41 78 604 60 62
UK +44 (0)75 773 63951
US +1 (310) 754 0482

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